These photographs were made between 1992 and 2005, during numerous trips     to the rainforest of Chiapas, Mexico and    the Lacandon village of Naha. With deforestation threatening their villages,  the traditional Lacandon way of life is vanishing as we speak. 

The pictures are the result of meetings 

I had in Naha with village elders, the late Chan Kin Viejo and Mateo Viejo, then in their 90's, yet still working in the milpa and practicing indigenous, non christian rituals.

I. chan kin, naha

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III. crossings  /  lacandon boy

II. kuuts / mateo smoking

IV. gathering firewood

V. nuchi

VI. kayum, lake naha

VII. lacandon boys

VIII. repose / chan kin

IX. maize / mateo

XI. mateo in his house

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X. kin, palenque